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Real estate appraisal services for homeowners in Collin, Dallas, 
Denton, Ellis, Hood, Hunt, Johnson, Parker, Rockwall, or Tarrant County's in Texas.

Several Reasons for homeowners to hire a Real Estate Appraiser:
*Determine your actual square footage by having your home measured(not appraised) by a state certified real estate appraiser 
*Dispute or Challenge a property's tax assessment/ tax value
*Get a pre-listing appraisal (whether you're selling the home on your own or using an agent)
*To reinstate your Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)
*To reduce mortgage payments by removing PMI
*Divorce settlement/ if the property needs to be divided because of divorce litigation
*Determine the true market value of the real estate in question to settle an estate in Texas
*Verify a prior appraisal's opinion of value/ appraisal review

Pre-Listing Appraisal Services/ For-Sale-by-Owner (FSBO) or For-Sale-by-Agent/Broker
As a home owner in North Texas you are attached to your home, which makes it difficult to be objective about choosing your listing value. The professional and experienced appraisers at Trostel Appraisal will provide you with honest and ethical valuation of your property. Our staff may not tell you want to hear because we are objective as we form our opinion of your home's value. Potential buyers may assume that your Home's listing price is questionable or high because you are attached to the property you own. As a home owner you associate the home's value appreciation with the direct cost of it's improvements.  An appraisal aids you in setting a solid and practical selling price, and an appraisal also works as a physical negotiating tool; a curious buyer can handle and view an independent-third-party's opinion of the current value of your house. The appraised value of your home is perceived by interested buyers as convincing and credible, and the professional valuation has the potential to streamline the selling process.       

Disputing or Challenging a Property's Tax assessment or Tax Value
If you disagree with your current assessed tax value, please call us for a consultation regarding the current market value of your property. If the market value of homes adjacent to your property have been depreciating or if you feel your property's tax assessed value is above the homes adjacent to yours; then you may be able to challenge your assessed value and lower your property taxes. An appraisal for current market value by a state certified real estate appraiser is an effective method to dispute your assessed tax value. We are experienced at helping home owners dispute and lower their property taxes in several North Texas county's, when the time s right. We can directly help you dispute and potentially lower your property taxes.   

Learn about how to cancel PMI?
For this you scenario you may need to contact your lending institution and have them  the PMI is Private Mortgage Insurance. One positive way to slash costs during home ownership is to get the PMI eliminated from your mortgage loan. Having no PMI could plausibly save you money ever single month you make a home mortgage payment . Once your mortgage loan is paid to the equivalent of 80% of the value of your home; then in many cases you can apply with your lender to have the PMI eliminated from your loan. It is lucid that canceling PMI has the potential to save you money each month. We are experienced in helping homeowners, like you, cancel their unwanted PMI insurance when their mortgage scenario permits this. The lending institution may not be able to select an appraiser of their choice, and the lender may need to go through an appraisal management company to remove your PMI

Recently got a freeze to your HELOC?
If your mortgaged property is adjacent to an area which home values are declining, then your lending entity may decide to automatically freeze your home equity line of credit or (HELOC) . Your HELOC can be frozen even if your property's value has not declined in value. A frozen HELOC has the potential to damage your credit score, because it may appear as though your home credit line is maxed-out. A frozen HELOC also may also negatively effect your cash flow situation. An ethical and professional Real Estate Appraisal from Trostel Appraisal can help you reinstate your Home Equity Line of Credit when the scenario permits this.

We Also offer Desktop and Field Appraisal Review Services in certain scenarios
Do you need a second expert opinion on the appraised value of your property? Do you need a professional to perform a desktop or field appraisal review? An appraiser from our firm will go out and confirm the accuracy and soundness of the subject property and comparable property's in a prior appraisal by performing a field appraisal review for you. At Trostel Appraisal we also provide rush Appraisal Reviews in which we utilize all available data sources at our office to verify a prior appraisal report.

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